Eight Word Story

It was never meant to be this way.


Curiosity ☾

Fanning the


of curiosity.

Upon these

stolen words,

she sits smiling.

With each ball

of fire hovering

above wax






painted floors;

a short laugh

escapes her lips.

The candle

flames cease.

➾ I drive myself crazy, but I love myself for it! ❦

This blog has had that many revamps, clean outs, and just flat out factory resets… it’s exhausting. Honestly, it’s like this blog became a nagging boyfriend I couldn’t get ride of (figure of speech guys – married over here!). I switched, renamed, deleted and fell out of love (you can partly blame twitter for stealing me away), this is starting to sound like a confession isn’t it? Anyhow, the moral of this post is I’m making a commitment, I think I’ve found a happy-medium.

I wanted a space I could share my creative writing but I also wanted a space where I could share my other passion – psychology. Now, for the love of fucking Hell I just absolutely could not stand them being on the same blog, my OCD just would not allow the contradiction of expressive writing and mental health content. So, I’m keeping this blog, my 6 year loyal friend, solely for personal, life and creative writing purposes. I’ve created another blog (Black Affliction), specifically made for the psychological part of my life, studies and career. Keep in mind she is just a baby, a new project, a new kids on the block.

The commitment? Posting regular content on both, and trying not to give a shit if it gets messy. No deleting! I think what happened is I lost the true purpose of what an actual blog is for until I got reminded, there are no rules here, freedom of expression.

Oh, and before I forget… Hello to all my wonderful newcomers! And thank you to all my loyal followers. ♥♥♥

•• Ink Rescript#9

It was as if she had never found her true metier, a grandeur or passion as endless and uncaring, as intoxicating and indecipherable as the vast lands below that fatal hill.

•• Ink Rescript#8

She seemed aglow with some indefinable aura, a wickedness that was also a glamour; a conspirational mystery that somehow you and you alone felt invited to join, and at its apex, a gorgeous darkness that wasn’t quite evil and wasn’t quite not evil.

First Person by Richard Flanagan… (No spoilers)


I wrapped up this beauty over the weekend! I must say, it was a highly compelling and engaging book not only for the storyline but how the novel was actually written.

I’ve read many books (that’s an understatement), and I’ve never read one written in such a style that is so incredibly detailed. Now, admittedly, this is the first Flanagan book i’ve read, so I can’t compare it to his others, and I believe there are six, this might just be his style of writing. In saying that, I was intrigued by his extensive use of knowledge about just about everything. Now, Richard Flanagan is either a highly educated man or, he does his research when compiling a novel extremely well.

Needless to say, First Person was an absolutely brilliant read and if you haven’t, do grab a copy! Richard Flanagan is an amazing author and he is worth a place on your bookshelf (or virtual bookshelf if you prefer). Furthermore, I’ll definitely be giving his others books a go.