⇢ Maybe I should open the drawer and burn the pages, and write poems with the ash on the floor. ⇠


•• Ink Rescript#5

To die of old age is a rare, singular, and extraordinary death. It is the last and extremist kind of dying. It encourages people to lead a life devoted to not dying, which is really another way of not living.

To the writers of WordPress, I got a question for you!!

I’m calling out the writers here, I’m looking for some feedback on writing software/apps and tools that you use to do your writing, also what type of writing it is that you do.

I’m currently running Scrivener, about to upgrade to Scrivener 3 but before I do, I was just curious what others were using.

Thanks guys!

It’s finally here!!! – The “Psychologists Bible” that I have long anticipated.

It’s offical!! Today I finally got my hands on my very own copy of DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

As some of you know, I’m currently undergoing a degree in Psychological Sciences at university, and this book will heavily assist me in educating and familiarising myself with mental disorders to further advance my psychiatric career. There is a reason why they call this book the ‘Psychologists Bible’, DSM-5 is used as the authoritative guide in the diagnosis of mental disorders, in turn, it holds every single mental disorder discovered to date. It’s fair to say I have spent the better half of the day with my head in this book absolutely fascinated. Well worth the investment and I know this book will serve me well both now and in the future.

I have been on break for the last 12 weeks from uni, and I commence again on Monday. As much as the break was well needed, I’m itching to get back into it! Again, I’m still absolutely blown away at being offered a place in this degree. Furthermore, you will see a lot more posts in relation to psychology and my life, as well as my writing/stories (which, I may add as a side note, having a career/education in psychology and being a writer marry perfectly).

Thanks for being so awesome!

➵ because Timberlands are life…. and my collection continues to grow.

~ Stephen King

Go then, there are other worlds than these.

One Word Story


•• Ink Rescript#4

You ceased the fire but the smoke still lingers in the air.

Eight Word Story

Only death can set me free from tomorrow.

•• Ink Rescript#4

I seemed to think about this, or perhaps I wasn’t thinking about it, but something else that was at once very far away and so close I could see and think nothing else.

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