All Dressed in White – MHC

You know, my Mum has been a huge Higgins fan for as long as I can remember. Me, not so much, but I’ve read a few. She recently picked this up on a trip she took and handed it to me when she was done. Naturally, I took it and thanked her, all the while thinking about all the books I still have to read and that I’d get to it when I had a chance. She kept asking me if I’d read it, excited to talk about it, so then I had to read it, didn’t I. 

It was actually pretty good, as far as the queen of mystery goes. Couldn’t guess ‘who done it’ till it was all out in the open, which to me, is a mystery well done. 

So come tomorrow, I’ll be all prepped to talked about the guilty fictional characters in my life with my Mum. You may roll your eyes or have a giggle but actually, my Mums is pretty cool, can be a major pain in the ass, but cool nonetheless. Only took me 27 years to figure it out. 


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