What’s missing??


Hello to the thousands of wonderful humans that follow my ever changing blog!!

So, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve also been changing, which those who have been with me for a while may have seen and watched me evolve. Naturally, I hit a rut, went off course and had to manoeuvre my way back to my purpose… my purpose in life.

Now, this blog has been around for many years, not so long ago it had a bulk delete because I realised I wasn’t that person anymore, not that the person who posted the thousands of posts was a horrible person, but rather, a past version of myself that I didn’t relate to anymore, I’d simply grew and changed.

I’ve been scratching my head over this blog, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was missing… until now. Me. It’s been cold, lacking personal connection and that personal connection is the human behind the words, so I kind of fell out of love.

The purpose of this post, and the many that will follow is to give you guys some insight into my life and my mind because I spend my days working my way through others. What I mean by that is, for a great number of years, my life has revolved around the psychology field. Which you may now have linked the reason for the name change: ‘Psychologically Speaking – Don’t Mind Me’ and the posts regarding ‘University life’ and my journey into a degree in Psychological Sciences to advance my career. The reason for doing that shift was to bring you into my stage of life and hopefully in doing that you’ll understand why I post some of the things that I post, and the personal written posts like this one that I plan to include.

A majority know, my identity is withheld, but what you do know is that I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m slowly approaching my 30’s, and that I have a family, a mother of two amazing children, and a life of my own. I am human, even psychologists have their flaws. I kick, I scream, I drink and I swear, and more often than not we are so good at helping others find solutions to their problems, but terrible at mending our own. We are not robots, we have emotions and real life issues that we disconnect from to help you with your own. I’m definitely not a motivational speaker, but I am here to show others that their life matters, no matter the trauma, no matter the disorder or unstable psychological well-being.

Creative writing is a hobby, which stems from my obsession with literature,  and one I actually underwent a degree in. In this time, I grew an appreciation for words and just how powerful they can be, how expressive they can be. So, I blended my love of writing with my passion for psychology and came to realise that a lot of people express a hell of a lot more in written words than vocal, which is why I suppose I enjoy blogs so much.

I’m not going to keep you here any longer than I have, there will be plenty of time for that, but I will say this… I have found my purpose, and this blog will reflect that in many different forms, and it will reflect me. If there is something you’re interested in reading about, shout out, but it’s about time we all got to know each other a little better.

Remember – Never underestimate the power of your mind, and never forget your internal worth as a human being.



5 thoughts on “What’s missing??

  1. Personal connection (at least the appearance of) is a powerful attractant to social interaction. Stale clinical assertions go above the focus of the many, and thus don’t attract a feeling of connectivity 😎

    I enjoy your blog from time to time, and hope you make it suit your idea of what you hope it to be!

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  2. I adore this…as I have simply been captivated by your blog for many months. I have many friends in Australia, I am a huge “Roo” fan (yeah those crazy, boxing beasts that jump on front lawns), and honestly this…and how you are evolving is quite extraordinary.

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