2018 Journey…

I bought this journal today that’s meant to reflect my dreams, goals and day by day journey throughout 2018… perhaps it’s meant to reflect my life? I’m not sure, I’m still undecided what to write/draw in it. It’s been years since I’ve kept a journal, I’m a little afraid to what depths my expressions go these days, a lot has change between now and 10 years before which was when I wrote my final journal… it’s hard to decide just how honest you want to be with yourself.


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  1. Oh I use to love writing in a journal I had so many through out t he years . Yes I always wonder the same thing how honest could I be what I write . I think it would consist of a lot of dislikes I have for many things these days hahaha ok to honest? 🙂

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  2. It is so hard to be honest, even to your own self. Or, to say it better – in my poor opinion – it is so hard to be honest when you write and being honest with yourself is a must to make others believe you. I struggle with it every time. I realized though, that writing in english (not my native language) is much easier for me when I’m about to get serious lol (imagine what I’m constantly been through when writing in Greek 😀 )

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    1. They say all writing to some degree is a reflection of the writer, but how much truth that holds really depends on how much you trust your readers skill to interpret it the way you want it… almost like a silent mutual agreement to keep a secret.
      I think the second you give yourself restrictions with writing, the second you question or doubt if you should include it, your writing loses credibility.

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