I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing is what it seems, and real life grows stranger than my dreams. I’m a prisoner to my decisions, and I’m a prisoner to my addiction. 


We adhere to the bitter taste of humanity, where the winds whisper lies and the sun radiates a certainty that it will far outlive us. Yet some of us remain humbled by those around us; appreciative. While others seek to pray on the common decencies and undefined truths of those around them, just to cover … More Humanity 

3 long years…

We lost you to what feels like three very long years ago tonight… I hope that you’re smiling, and that your soul is peacefully drifting as the most amazing woman I have ever known deserves to after such a brutal fight. ❤️ 


I crack my knuckles in my pockets while my breath curls in and out to the beat of an internal clock – the only kind I own.