They can’t have

In life’s wake we drift, trying to keep up with her unsurpassed twists and turns; her dramas, irrespective of the consequences. We fight to survive, or do we fight to be relevant? To be heard against the crying shame or misdeeds of superiority until we become the superior, the relevant… the egotistical upper class wankers to lead others that were once us. We are the human race, the judgemental spawn of the invisible. We are the hungry; take no prisoners society. We are the blind, we choose to follow. Hand us a gun and a handful of bullets and the majority, if not all, we murder another human being regardless of the choice to fire a slug into the nearest inanimate object. Yet, even the most deceptive humans are capable of something astounding: love. Love will turn the most predatory beast, the most deadliest souls, into the most attentive lover. Perhaps, we are all insane? Insane in our minds, the only thing we possess that others can’t pick, can’t poison… they can’t have. 

All this makes no sense, I know, but in someway you’ll relate… it’s the beauty of the human being, loveless or not we are not stupid, no… never stupid, just fragile. 

Spring clean…

Spring gets me every time! The warmer weather persists and I’m loving the sunshine as well as the open doors and windows. Yet every year I get a bug that insists I do a spring clean… an entire house kind of spring clean, out with the old and in with the new!

Honestly, 2 hours after I start I regret it but it’s not in me to leave things half done, especially cleaning… so… I’m one room down, red bull in hand, and the battle continues!! 

Wish me luck! I’m going in.