Today, she has lavender irises of a serene woman, one secure in the comfort of not remembering, exempt from the punishment of knowing.

Foundation of Statistics = Sore brain.

One of my hundreds of units in Uni started today: Foundation of Statistics. Honestly, probably one of the main ones I’ve been dreading since my previous mathematical unit. I don’t like numbers and they don’t like me but statistics are next level and well… I have 13 weeks remaining and I’m already counting down the days. Brain overload… but hey, day one almost down… that’s something, right?

Thinking… thinking…

Thinking of adding a “caption this” section to the blog.. just using photos I take or photos I’ve found. Adding my own caption/story and where others can add their own in the comments if they want to. Something I seen inspired the idea, thinking of giving it a go.

Thinking… thinking…