Nine miles south

Across the seas a grown man sleeps, resting his well travelled eyes. 

Nine miles south a young girl lay awake gentling stifling her cries. 

For the memories they hold, and the dreams that they dream, are all one in the same.

Forever chasing trails of clues to what the other became. 

But their thoughts will not rest, and their hearts will not cease, to love a love they lost.

In his dreams and within her thoughts, their paths forever crossed. 


Lets chat… Melbourne winter and the colour red.


It’s always nice to see so many new faces on my blog, to those, welcome.

So, lets chat!

Melbourne, Australia… winter… flu season. Enough said or what? – Epic storms though.

Fortunately, I am yet to fall victim…emphasis on the yet, to this years nasty flu but unfortunately my babies have. My son is just recovering and my daughter started today, but holy crap!.. friends and family all over battling through this virus. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter but the downside is that it’s flu season.

My daughter has these habits, and one of these habits is to come out with really random things when she is feeling a little crappy or upset. Keeping in mind she is almost four, and is an all round hella happy kid except for when she is hungry or sick… but lets face it, who isn’t shitty when they are hungry or sick, right?.. She went to bed this afternoon after being up throughout the night, fell asleep instantly. So, I was like, this is good.. this is really good, I’ll get that research proposal done that has a deadline a little to close for comfort (psychology peeps will know what I’m referring to). I sit down at my computer, we’re making good progress here.. tap tap tap, blah blah blah, then I hear it… That very rare cry coming from a ridiculously pink bedroom. I rush in there, because hearing that cry is not a regular thing, I see her sitting up on her bed rubbing her puffy blue eyes, blonde hair an absolute mess and she is hugging her favourite blue blanket and stuffed pig. I rush over to the bed and sit with her…

“What’s the matter baby?… why are you crying, is there something wrong?!”

To which she replied…

“Mummy”… sob sob sob, “I don’t like the colour red anymore.”

So there is it guys, apparently its devastating when you fall out of love with the colour red.





Am I the only one that freaks the hell out when seeing children rolling all over the floor at doctors clinics?! I mean whhhaaatttttt are they doing!!! I couldn’t think of a place that carried more germs!

Oh man, OCD freak in me is in full force.